COVID 19 Statement

As part of our commitment to safeguarding our staff and guests, with the aid of our safety advisers, the Powdermills Hotel has carried out an assessment of the risks to staff and guests from COVID 19.

As the phrase goes, we are all in this together. It is therefore imperative that all guests work with us at this time.

All of our staff self-certify every day that they have not knowingly been exposed to anybody carrying the coronavirus, and that they are not exhibiting any of the known symptoms. We ask that all guests confirm the same before they come to the hotel.

We ask that all guests use hand sanitiser upon entry into the hotel, and as they move around the hotel.

Check-in will be carried out with a secure barrier between you and us. Your room will have been prepared, left unlocked and your room key in the room. As you would expect, the room will have been thoroughly cleaned and has been left vacant for at least 24 hours in line with current industry practice.

Your pre‐booked breakfast will be served in the restaurant. Meals in the restaurants will need to be booked in advance to allow us to ensure the appropriate social

This is a relaxed country hotel; we do not want to destroy the ambience by creating cubicles by placing plastic barriers between tables, chairs and settees etc. This is a very dynamic situation, and we will respond to any changes in HM Government or Public Health England advice.

There are no set rules or regulations for how a hotel should operate at this time, accordingly we have decided the measures we have put in place are adequate and are suitable to our hotel. If government advice changes, or we find our procedures are not working as we would like we will change them accordingly.

We would welcome your feedback once you have visited.

Please enjoy your stay.